Freelance underground network

Freelance underground networkFreelance underground networkFreelance underground network

Welcome To Darth Vape Bar

My Introduction to you

This is a brief hello and an little outline of what I am looking to achieve, like so many, I am  a little lost, but hopefully we can build a network and help each other 

Good advise a week before the government told us to keep social distance!

Darth Vape Bar - The New Normal

What is it and why am I here

Hi and welcome to Darth Vape Bar, I am sure you are wondering why you were sent this link! 

I am a photographer, and like so many other content creators, I have found myself in a very scary position, but it's not just us, there is a world of people that are now learning a new normal. 

So many people working from home for the first time, so many people finding themselves at home with not much to do, Darth Vape Bar is here to help. 

We will be holding interviews reviews, trying to keep up tp date with the news as well over time helping people find the support they need. with a whole wealth of people from all over the world and from all different walks of life offering their services, advice, reviews or opinions. Each and every contributor will be promoted throughout the platform and we encourage you to discover something new. 

We here are also very aware of mental health and we will be having a regular mindfulness and fitness spots to help keep you motivated! 

If you want to get involved and want to share your experiences or expertise, drop me a line to find out more. 

I am not funded by anyone all this I am doing this to help others there is also opportunity for a small amount of earning.

I am not an authority on any of this, I am just a photographer trying to do something nice and connect people. 


Feed coming soon